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I’m Desiree – but you can call me Des, all my friends do.  I’m a mom, coffee addict, and virtual workhorse for all things courses. I support female coaches who are ready to scale their business but don’t have the time or the tech skills to do it on their own.  I help them plan, build, launch, and manage their online course so they can earn more income and help more clients without putting in more work.


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I help entrepreneurs GET STUFF DONE. Click below to learn more about my services and what I can do for you. I would honestly love to work with you!


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Are you looking for ways to free up your time for the things you love to do rather than the things you have to do? Are you looking to spend more time with friends and loved ones?  Click the button below to check out how I can help you make that happen!

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Need help but not ready to move into an office or hire full-time employees yet? Hiring a VA gives you access to an assistant without the overhead costs.  Click the button below to see how I can help save you money.


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Are you overwhelmed by the mountain of paperwork, emails, etc. piling up? Do you have tasks your not sure how to do? Click the button below to see how I can help you simplify things and reduce your stress.


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Des was my own administrative assistant for nearly 10 years.  As the founder and CEO of a fast-growing company, I needed someone who could manage their own time and responsibilities, while keeping the huge stack of daily chores off my desk.  Desiree was always reliable, always delivered on time and usually had capacity to handle even more than assigned.  She worked late to meet deadlines, and worked directly with clients in a variety of capacities to simplify my workload.  If you want time to focus on growing your business, you need an administrative assistant you can trust – someone like Des!

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I’m courageous enough to know I can accomplish great things. I’m humble enough to know when to ask for help.”      -Katrina Mayer

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Latest on the Blog

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