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Pull up a chair, grab coffee...

I’m a coffeeholic single mom to two amazing teenage girls, and I thrive on helping others.

Like you, I wear many hats in my life and in my business – mom, taxi driver, CEO, bookkeeper, assistant, chef, you name it, I’ve probably done it.

Over the years though, I’ve learned that while I try to it all, I’m HUMAN, and sometimes we humans need a little help – we need to play to our strengths and get help for the things we aren’t good at and/or that we don’t LOVE doing.


The Journey

How I got where I am today and how I can help you on your journey

From the time I got my first ‘real’ job (not babysitting) in my junior year of high school, I found that I had a passion and dedication for WORKING. I was happiest when I was busy. I continued to work at that same job all the way through college.

After college, I started substitute teaching and found that I like the flexibility it gave me to choose when and where I wanted to work – if I didn’t like a class, I didn’t have to go back (that only happened once). I also enjoyed the different experiences and the people I encountered.

But about a year after my first child was born, we decided it wasn’t cost-effective for me to continue working. I was miserable for the first few months because I just didn’t have anything to do (Suzy Homemaker is not one of my strengths) – I missed working…

Then as I was going through a divorce, I had to return to work. I tried subbing again but I just didn’t enjoy it as I once had. So I began looking for a different type of job that was still in education but that would allow me to use my strengths – lesson planning, technology, all the behind the scenes stuff.

In 2007 I started working for a start-up company that created online courses for senior care professionals – I had no experience in caring for seniors nor did I know anything about the programs they were using.

I found that I was a quick learner and proficient at solving problems. I was able to play to my strengths and help others GET STUFF DONE!

Back then I did it all, answering the phone, processing payments, managing student enrollments, proofing content, building courses – you name it, I probably did it at some point.

After 12 years and a few acquisitions, my position was no longer needed. It was time to move on, but to what?

I loved the work I was doing and I wanted to continue to do it, but I realized I wanted to help many rather than just one company.

That’s when I went ALL IN and started my virtual assistant business with a focus on showcasing my strengths – helping entrepreneurs get organized, stay creative, and enhance their backend technical skills to help them achieve their goals.

Today, I support female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business but don’t have the time or the tech skills to do it on their own. I help them plan, build, launch, and manage their online courses and projects so they can earn more income and help more clients without putting in more work.

This business allows me the flexibility to work when and where I choose, but most importantly it allows me to be there for my girls when I’m needed – no more asking for time off.

Are you ready to have that same flexibility? Are you ready to simplify your workload so you can focus on the tasks you LOVE and that bring in money?

I have a passion and dedication to helping others achieve their goals by helping them complete projects they aren’t able to complete on their own. By focusing on my strengths, I am able to help them focus on theirs, and together we GET THINGS DONE!

If you’re ready to simplify your workload, I’ll take over the frustrating tech stuff that comes with building and managing a course, so you can focus on the tasks you LOVE and that brings in money.



Don’t keep piling papers on your desk and telling yourself you’ll get to them later.

No more missing deadlines and not delivering what you promised.

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  • Questions to ask yourself to know what you need from a VA
  • Interview questions to ask a potential VA to see if they are the right fit

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