Free 3 Day Automation & Systems Challenge

Identify the systems and processes you need in your business to simplify your workload so you can focus on the tasks you LOVE and that bring in money.


Here’s what we’ll cover!

Here’s what we’ll cover


What it means to automate or delegate tasks, as well as processes, systems, and workflows… oh my! 


What an SOP document is, why you should have one, and how to create one for your business.


The basic systems you want to have in place for your business and the specific pieces of each system you can automate or delegate. 

The FREE Automation & Systems challenge starts June 6, 2022








I’m Desiree – but you can call me Des, all my friends do!

I’m a Systems and Tech VA – aka virtual workhorse for all the things you don’t have time for – a mom and a coffee addict.

I support female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business but don’t have the time or the tech skills to do it on their own. I help them plan, build, launch, and manage their online courses and projects so they can earn more income and help more clients without putting in more work.

As my administrative assistant job of 12 plus years came to an end, I had to dig deep within myself and really figure out what I wanted to do moving forward. I came to the realization that helping others GET STUFF DONE is truly what I love doing, so I decided to venture out on my own to do just that.

In my job as an administrative assistant, I wore many hats and learned a plethora of skills, and I continue to learn more each day to better serve my clients.

This business allows me the flexibility to work when and where I choose, but most importantly it allows me to be there for my girls when I’m needed – no more asking for time off.

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