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Copy Yourself and GET STUFF DONE

Done-With-You Course Build

Powerhouse Package

You’ve poured every bit of yourself into your business. You’re doing what you LOVE and putting positive stuff out into the world.

You’re seeing real success, and now you are ready for MORE!

You’re ready to sift through all those ideas in your head and create a workable course.

But where do you start? Where will you find the time to learn the ins and outs of building and launching a course? And once it’s launched — how do you manage it?

It’s time for an upgrade!

As a course specialist VA I can help you plan, build, launch, and manage your online courses and projects so you can earn more income and help more clients without putting in more work.

Virtual Assistant Services

Plans to fit your needs

Are you frustrated with the mundane administrative tasks of running your business? Are you losing money because you aren’t able to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner? Do you wish you could copy yourself and GET STUFF DONE?

If you’re ready to simplify your everyday to-do list and reclaim your free time then you need a virtual workhorse to prioritize your tasks and set up a plan so you can reach your goals.

Whether you’re needing just a few hours here and there or looking for assistance regularly each month, I have a plan for you.

Email Marketing Setup Services

You know you need an email list but…

You don’t know where to start with the email process and all the tech is a bit overwhelming. You don’t have time to plan out a strategy for emailing your list nor do you know what to say or how often to email them.

Even if you are technologically challenged, you can still succeed at email marketing. I’ll handle all the tech so you can focus on putting your creative touches in the message.


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